HackTable 2020

Hacktable 2020 was Hacktable’s first event. On November 28th-29th of 2020

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Upcoming events

HackTable ______ is our second online global event. We will heavily focus on the networking so that students can meet others with similar interest so that they can broaden their skills and open new doors.

Sponor prospects

HackTable is a free event for hackers to participate in. To provide our participants with the resouces they need to be successful we require sponsorships from companies and individuals. If you would like to become a sponsor please contact us

Past events

Hacktable 2020 was Hacktable’s first event. Over 300 students from 6 continents coding for 36 hours - to find new and innovative sollutions to real world problems - and competing for $35,000 in prizes.

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